Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We will install any software you have purchased and setup the machine for easy plug and play.

When you receive the pinball machine, turn on, and start playing.

Yes. Our control panels will be available for purchase at any time, but please note you need to pay transport costs from Asia to your home.

Arcooda is part of the Highway Group, who has been involved in the Coinop Operated industry for nearly 30 years. In most countries, we have been working with the top tier factories (whether its distributing their games, manufacturing their games or spare parts, or various collaborations). We also design, setup and provide amusement machine equipment to stores ranging from billion dollar Macau Casinos, to cruise ship game centres, to business games rooms, and home users.

With regards to pinball machines, please review our long association;

  • The GM of Highway Group analysed/tuned/and gave recommended income settings for the Australian market to distributors for Data East, Stern and Gottlieb pinballs (these data sheets supplied to game owners when the received their machines)
  • Highway Entertainment (also part of the Highway Group) was the last Williams/Bally (before they closed) pinball distributor in Australia, having sub-agents across Australia
  • Highway Games (also part of the Highway Group) purchased bulk inventory from Williams/Bally before they closed including the last remaining inventory of Star Wars Episode 1 playfields (almost entirely sold back to our USA customers) and handled pinball sales distribution in Asia.
  • Highway Games is currently handling the worldwide distribution for Homepin’s Thundebirds Pinball machine, a beautifully recreated science fiction series from the 1960s. Thunderbirds will be entering the market throughout the world in these next months.


We were the first in the world market to introduce touchscreen video pinball game play, allowing players to easily navigate menus, options, and give even more functionality to machine gameplay (and even PC setup).

Once you try, you will never go back to keyboard and mouse.

Yes. We have the same board, allowing you to use XBOX360, XBOX One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Android, Raspberry Pi, PC, and Nintendo Switch on your Video Pinball machine.

Do what you want, how you want, with the added functionality of the Highway IO board.


Our management board supports 20 coil, motor, fan, etc… functions, as well as 10 lighting circuits that control the individually programmed LED lighting circuit in the machine (over 8 metres in the Ultra cabinet).

Arcooda has invested significant time and money to develop a smart tilt & plunger board which can accept both analog and digital signals, and allow fine tuning (customisation) of sensitivities for a variety of homes and commercial stores.

If you have young players, allow the tilt to become more sensitive, whilst hard-core pinball players may want a more firmer game play.

With regards to the plunger, push forward, and it activates the “launch button”, whilst pulling the plunger rod will give you variable plunger strength to get the skill shots.

Its all designed for the player in mind.

Arcooda Pinball is different. It’s a video pinball, it’s a gaming machine, it’s endless gaming options. The machines we are building are designed to be enjoyed, with no shelf life – gaming is our passion, and the cabinet’s limitation is governed by your imagination.

So what does this mean?

We design the machines as we would like to see them in our own homes, and we take pride in the equipment we design and build. We are not making toys or throw away products, and we continue to work on improving the machine.

Buy the machine once, enjoy for life.

Freight is not included. Arcooda can help with all transport needs, from full container orders to single door to door shipments.

If Arcooda offers any special freight promotions, please check with our team what this includes.



Yes. We ship daily around the world.

To receive an accurate freight quotation, please email our team and let us know what is your nearest seaport as well as delivery address. We will do our best to support you.

Arcooda is part of Highway Group, with various companies around the world including a spare parts division in Hong Kong – We plan to have the Arcooda spare parts available for purchase online, shipping internationally only takes few days from Hong Kong.

Please note, proprietary boards (Highway IO, Arcooda Smart Tilt, and Arcooda Power Management) are not available for sale and only on repair/exchange basis.

No, we hope to have a service centre in Chicago, as well as Hong Kong and Australia.

All products offered by Arcooda come with 12 months warranty. Arcooda prides itself on plug and play serviceability, with the ability of owners to self-diagnose and easily repair any faults. No need for any service technicians as the machines have been built with you in mind.

We are asking our customers pay $1,500USD (or $2,000AUD) as a deposit to secure your order. The final balance is due before the machines are shipped.

We can work together with you for payment plans (please note however, we can only ship the machines once we receive full payment).

In the pricing, please factor the exchange rate loss between the AUD/USD as well as we need to add 10% tax onto the costs for Australian customers.

We only accept payment via bank transfer (T/T), $1,500usd deposit to start the production, and balance is due once machines are ready for delivery.

Due to the high level of credit card/Paypal fraud, our company group no longer accepts these payments for machine orders.


Yes definitely, we are looking to release software packages into the market. Please keep an eye on our software section which will show any new release titles.

Arcooda has lost the right to purchase/sell this product after the 30th June 2018 and has run a promotional campaign for loyal Arcooda customers to receive cash back offer when purchase an Arcooda Pinball cabinet (that is, purchase the game software before 30th June for $499usd, and receive this payment as a cash back/refund when settling the balance payment on your Arcooda Pinball – just need to order the Arcooda Pinball from Arcooda before June 30th 2019).

After 30th June 2018, Arcooda will sell its balance stock of licensed software for $499usd (no cashback) until all stock is sold out. Once this occurs, this product will be discontinued, and we will look to release an alternative product which does not have any Williams/Bally titles.

Arcooda works directly with software publishers to modify, update, and write new software code so that the games play perfectly with the hardware. Coils, motors, fans, LED lights etc… all interact with the hardware in the machines.

Software found on Steam and other platforms “should” work, but they will be missing the advanced functions of the Arcooda version software. Having said this, you can still add many titles to your machine and keep expanding your software library.

Windows 10 software and front end Game Launcher software. It does not come with any games, you will need to either purchase a software package, or add your Steam account to the PC and download your games library.

Arcooda Pinball is designed to accept both Arcooda version game software (custom software) or “off the shelf” games from Steam, or other gaming platforms.

Yes. Don’t be fooled into believing the cabinet is dedicated only to Pinball Arcade software. Arcooda machines support ALL steam pinball titles and you can keep adding games to your library.

The Arcooda Pinball machine will be available for sale at any time. As our company group ship daily to international destinations, we will help you to check the cheapest freight options possible.

The Arcooda Pinball Software will/maybe still available for purchase @$499usd, and we plan to keep selling until our stock runs out. Once this occurs, Arcooda will discontinue this product as we can no longer purchase this product from FarSight. Please note, there is NO cashback deal after 30th June 2018.

Arcooda has absorbed significant costs in order to support early adopters of our Arcooda Pinball vision, and will continue to support the Arcooda Pinball community with new releases and additional support.

Promo  #1

Buy Arcooda Pinball Arcade Standalone software for $499usd before June 30th 2018 via, and Arcooda will give you full cash-back refund on the balance payment when purchase an Arcooda Pinball (this order must occur before June 30th, 2019)

Promo #2

Buy an Arcooda Pinball cabinet before June 30th 2018 and pay $1,500usd deposit, and we will pay the freight/customs clearance/freight to USA & Australian customers – customers will need to pay freight costs from the freight terminal/warehouse to their home/office/store. For those customers not in these countries, Arcooda will offer $200usd freight voucher to help with transport costs.

Plus, Arcooda is offering all customers who pre-order their cabinet Timeshock Arcade Edition for FREE.

Please note, these are 2 separate offers, to enjoy cashback on the software, Free Timeshock Arcade Edition software, and free freight (or freight voucher), you must pay a total of $1,999usd (either $499usd via credit card + $1500usd into our bank account, or, $1,999usd into our bank account)